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Rise & Shine Development Programmes


Although Bristol is a thriving city, the increase opportunities for both entrepreneurs and career advancement is not being seen across the BME community. Some of the reasons for this is a lack of access to quality skills and development and also low self esteem and belief that you can change your life.

During 2014, Rise applied and was awarded lottery funding to provide a series of Programmes and workshops to address the continuing gaps in achievement being experienced by women from within the BME community.

The Rise & Shine programme is primarily aimed at Black ethnic minority women within the Bristol vicinity. We will be offering them the opportunity to experience and learn the skills and self belief required to achieve their life and business goals. This will be performed through holistic and alternative therapy, 1 to 1 coaching, group work and workshops.

Our main beneficiaries are:

  • Young unemployed (18-24) – providing them with, confidence building, personal impact and awareness, presentation/interview skills, goal setting (through 1 to 1 sessions, group work and workshops)
  • Black women in business – opportunity to provide support, networking, ideas sharing and learning amongst like-minded individuals. Through coaching circles, and 1 to 1’s, workshops on business related subjects and advice, also referrals to other agencies.
  • Women over 25 -Job returners – these maybe long term unemployed, ex offenders, redundancy. Focusing on confidence building, personal impact, life coaching and goal setting, getting you ready for the interview progress.

The workshops include:

Confidence building/self esteem – individual and group work

Scattered energy meditation

Energy healing

The Chakra system

Self identify from an African perspective -This will focus on the importance of us as black women, our achievements and contributions.

Personal Impact, influencing skills, communication,  Values, Marketing and your Brand, vision board,  Setting personal goals and objectives, Intentional alignment, Job and future preparation

Business & role model panel discussion

With the current lack of government funds, these groups were finding themselves just a growing statistic with no individual help or support to become self sufficient and less of a financial burden on the state

It is about providing these groups with self empowerment and belief to look for different solutions to change their lives

It is hoped that with the success of this project it will help to reduce the number of black ethnic groups who are currently unemployed and increase the number of new business enterprises from the Black community

Rise 2 Inspire Program


This programme is an opportunity to bring balance and equality to those groups who are disadvantaged in our society through race, gender, disability, sexual orientation, age, faith and poverty levels. Giving everyone an equal opportunity to enjoy the rich cultural diverse landscape and services on offer in this thriving city, but not accessible to all.

The Rise 2 Inspire BME women re-launch programme is primarily aimed at Black ethnic minority women over the age of 40 living within the Bristol vicinity. This period in a women’s life can be a big crossroad and turning point, where you find yourself no longer caring for your children or other dependents, becoming single through a breakdown in a relationship or bereavement, or the loss or change of job.

These dramatic changes in your life, can have a profound impact on a women’s self-confidence and the ability to feel they can move their lives forward.

The program will give those women a chance to change that perception by focusing on themselves first, reconnecting with who they are and what they want to be.

The Rise 2 Inspire new to Business program is primarily aimed at Black ethnic minority women living within the Bristol vicinity. We need to build on the strength of our communities, the BME business sector was once vibrant but in recent years has gone into decline.There are BME businesses still being created on a small scale but they are not been expanded upon.

This lack of visibility is not providing role models or even the idea that this community can create businesses, so the community is not considering this as a viable option.

The Community do not have the self- belief they can start a business even if they have a great business idea. Our business sector should reflect the diversity of the city…but it doesn’t, the Rise 2 Inspire programme will help the community to see that starting your own business can be a variable option and there is help available to create your own business.

These programs offer the women an opportunity to experience and learn the skills and self- belief required to achieve their life and personal goals. This will be performed through a series of workshops, 1 to 1 coaching, group work, and opportunities to network.

SLG Coaching & Development Services

SLG (succeeding life goals) coaching and development services provides 1 to 1 or group work activity in the areas of personal development, business coaching and mentoring services.

Sandra is a qualified Life Coach and has spent over 20 years managing people within large corporate organisations and therefore is vastly experienced in the areas of people management, leadership skills and performance coaching.

She has recently delivered the Rise2Inspireprogramme, workshops for Street to Boardroom development programme and 1 to 1 business coaching.

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Wellnessjourneys offers the holistic approach to people who are looking at alternative ways to improve their health.
As a practitioner of holistic therapies, it is important to recognise the individual as a whole bringing together the 3 dimensions of the mind body and spirit.

Each journey undertaken from counselling, to body work, aromatherapy massage, energy healing,  personal and spiritual development , and body psychotherapy, all incorporating  the holding and support of the physical emotional and mental parts of the self.

Working for 29 years as a therapist, Lynn continues to work and learn by facilitating workshops and groups by working with community groups, an addiction clinic as well as her own private practice in Bristol.

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